Lal Ji is a leading provider of intellectual property law services since 1981. Serving clients all over the world, we have one of the largest, most experienced teams of intellectual property experts in the area of Trademarks, Copyrights Industrial Designs, and Patents.

As soon as one starts taking steps to implement a business or product idea, such as incorporating, obtaining licenses, or securing production of a product, one should clearly identify which aspects of the business and products are protectable by trademark, copyright, patent, or trade secret. Each of these types of intellectual property requires different procedures to protect them from unfair competition and copycats, which is why it is important to consult a professional.

It can be a confusing issue, for sure, and many of the business owners and entrepreneurs don’t seem to have a solid grasp of how, why and when to protect their products, or if it’s even necessary.

So, if you’ve got a new idea, invention or initiative that’s worth protecting, there are many legal ways to protect it. At Lal Ji, we help businesses protect their company names, product brands and ideas, along with related licensing, non-disclosure, and non-competition agreements.


We are one of the largest intellecual property specialist firms in India – bringing together the right combination of experts to protect, grow and defend your intellectual property assets locally and globally.

And with more than 35 years in the business as a patent and trademark attorney firm it’s what you’d expect!

Ever since our inception in 1981, we have continued to adapt and grow our expertise and approach to deliver solutions that meet the ever-growing needs of our clients. Over the years we have ensured that our clients’ needs remain at the core of what we do and how we deliver our services to them.

We operate under a traditional board and management structure. Our people and our clients benefit from our ability to remain ahead of the curve, reshaping and adapting our business in response to market and industry demands.

Doing business with us is easy. We know that how we work with you is just as important as the advice we provide. In order to achieve the best possible result we match our experts to your needs.


Why Use LALJI Services

Trusted Service

We offer High quality, honest and trusted service. We can adapt to your needs.

Expert Advice

We specialize in intellectual property law including patents, designs and trade marks and provide clients with cutting edge advice.


We have adopted a low overhead model for our firm that allows us to deliver the highest level of service at competitive rates.

Patent Specialists

We can assist you with patent registration and infringement issues in India and other countries.

Trade Mark Specialists

We can assist you with trade mark registration and infringement issues in India and other countries.


A patent is a right that is granted for any substance, device, method or process that is novel, useful and inventive. It is a grant by the government of a country of an exclusive right for a specific term.


Having a trademark becomes essential when you want to distinguish your goods, services (or both) from those of another business. In India, you can get trademark registration for words, logo, numerals, slogan, device etc.


Copyright is a type of property right on a person’s creative skill and labor. Copyright protects the form or way an idea or information is expressed, not the idea or information itself. Copyright is not a tangible thing.


A design is the overall appearance of a product. The visual features that form the design include the shape, configuration, pattern and ornamentation of the product.


Registration is the act of incorporating a company, a society or a club under a particular jurisdiction. It is an important step that is just as crucial as obtaining a business license.


Registering a firm with the authorities is a key step in setting up a company to conduct business in India. Before commencing the company registration process, it is important to understand the obligations of company officeholders.


“In the beginning of your business, where you’re looking at a limited budget and a tight timeframe, it’s easy to let trade-marking fall down the list of priorities. But if you don’t protect those rights up front, it can prove be disruptive to the entire business and fundamentally affect the value of your company” says Lalji Associates. Therefore, one needs to work with a firm that can give a pragmatic legal advice when you’re making decisions about how far and wide you need to protect your mark, and one that can provide common-sense advice if you do end up in some sort of dispute.

At our firm we do exactly this and more. We advise business owners not to overlook the importance of their intellectual properties. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with all our clients.