International Intellectual Property Index

India dropped to 40th position in International Intellectual Property Index

India has fallen to 40th position in the International Intellectual Property Index. This index helps know about the IP climate in the 53 global economies of the present year. This is as per the report US Chamber of Commerce’s Global Innovation Policy Center. As per last year’s report, India has been ranked in the 36th position among 50 other countries.

The UK, US, Germany, and France are among the top five counties that are found on the Intellectual property Index of 2019. These five economies have successfully retained their position from last year. After the release of the 2016 National IPR policy, the Indian government is trying to offer investment help in creativity and innovation by enhancing IP enforcement. This has been stated by Patrick Kilbribe, who is the Senior Vice president of Global Innovation Policy Center.

With the successful implementation of the National IPR policy, it has been possible to improve the level of processing trademark and patent applications. Also, it has resulted in improved awareness about IP rights among Indian creators, as has been commented by Center in a statement. Therefore, India has gone through significant changes to establish robust IP protections and but more awareness measures are yet to be taken.