Lack of Music Publishing Knowledge

Lack of Music Publishing Knowledge Robbing Indian Artists of their Rights

In India there has been a lack of knowledge regarding publishing music. It can be said that a large part of publishing an art for is still unexplored. It is not about the common people but the artists and the music companies are oblivious towards it. At the initial stage due to lack of knowledge about the business the music companies did not pay attention to publishing. The artists and the film produces used to give all the rights to the music companies. And this is the reason there were no option for separate publishing.

The business of music publication

Once the digital business started entering in the market the scenario started to change rapidly. The people started to explore different ways to earn revenue. And the first way of generating revenue in the digital medium was the ‘ringtone’. The ringtone falls under the music publishing right and this is the reason people started earning money through ring tone and ring-back tone. The people associated with the music industry started becoming aware of the right for 10 to 15 years. Nowadays, not only artists, but also the music composers, producers, lyricists are on the digital medium with their respective right.

The rise of YouTube

With the huge rise of the digital medium artists are keener to appear on YouTube. Due to the reason artists who are working with big music companies also want to spend money on their music videos to grab the attention of the viewers. The artists want to earn millions of subscribers on the platform.

Having knowledge about right

Earlier the artists did not value to publishing their creative work but now the new generation is aware of it. The new generation artists re leaving no stone unturned when it comes to securing their work. They make sure that their work does not get stolen and for that they are following proper process for registration.

A brief idea about long deal

Nowadays, everyone has the knowledge about the value of copyright. This is the reason the artists do not give the right to the music companies rather opt for deals. The deal between music companies and artist is settled by a 10 years long license. The producers often look for share from the royalty. One the deal ends, the creator can sell the work to another music level.