“The Basics
of Patent”
“The Basics
of Patent”

A patent is a right that is granted for any substance, device, method or process that is novel, useful and inventive. It is a grant by the government of a country of an exclusive right for a specific term to prevent others from using your invention. In most countries, including India, the term is 20 years.

Getting a patent for your invention is a complex legal process. You need expert help from a patent attorney to give you the best chance of securing good protection for your invention.

The patenting process generally involves the following steps:



This involves checking the patentability of the invention by performing a search for similar technologies.


Filing a provisional application

Once, you have made the decision to go forward with the patent application process, based on the state of the invention, you need to file a provisional patent application.


Filing a complete specification

The next step is to file the patent application in India and secure the filing date. In case you are filing a provisional application first, you need to file the complete application within 12 months from the provisional filing date.



During the examination process your patent application will finally be examined on its merits as described and claimed in the patent specification.


Grant and renewal

Once, the patent application overcomes all the objections, the patent will be granted and published in the patent gazette. The patent has to be renewed every year by paying the renewal fee after the initial grant.

We follow an effective patent strategy taking into account how new patent applications are drafted, where patent applications are filed and how patent applications are prosecuted to achieve granted patent rights. This helps us to secure the grant of patent rights that will be an important asset for your business and give you an advantage over your competitors.

While devising a patent, commercial and practical considerations have to be kept in mind. Our specialists are logical and ask the right questions in order to understand your needs and expectations. We have extensive experience with patent filings all over the world.

We are specialists in the protection of inventions in the fields of consumer products, engineering, mining & construction, renewable energy, medical & scientific technologies and computer based systems and software.

Extensive experience in the preparation, filing and prosecution of Indian patents and international patents.

Successfully obtained patents and designs in many countries around the world including the USA, Canada, Europe, China and New Zealand.

Creative & personalised approach ensures your patent rights are accepted and enforceable.