Why Is Protection of Geographical Indication or Designation of Origin Essential?

Why Is Protection of Geographical Indication or Designation of Origin Essential?

Having knowing regarding geographical indication along with designation of origin is something that is of great need these days. Geographical indication or GI indicates a symbol, name or sign relating to a product that corresponds to a definite geographical origin, product’s features, qualities that are due from the origin. To make a sign work as GI, it should properly identify the product or service for which it will be sued. Other than indicating export market and revenue collection of producer, the GI should indicate original source.

It also restricts any individual or organization from producing any similar item resulting in counterfeit problems in the market. The product produced should comply with the basic standards of its place of origin and then only, it can use the GI tag. For instance, Darjeeling tea product with GI tag has the right to use ‘Darjeeling’ on the tea products not produced or fails to meet GI standards. Even with GI tag, it is easy to prevent any unauthorized production of goods or fake items in similar category to the ones having the GI tags.

What do you understand by designation of origin?

When using a protected designation of origin, it is about the name of specific area recognized by officials to manufacture the product with the characteristics of its original location. Other than this, it indicates legal protection that indicates about inheriting any human or natural factors of geographical condition due to which the characteristics are given to the product. The design of origin is used as a sign indicating the place of origin of the item.

What is the importance of protection for the designation?

The consumers go by the geographical indication as it helps them understand the place of origin and quality of the item. This way, the product acquires reputation and if it is not properly protected, fraudulent operators in the market may misrepresent it. This is where the GI and the designation are of vital importance. It is beneficial for the public and the consumers. The protected GI is of great importance for the consumers to get hands-on quality items. This should be accompanied by suitable business practice along with prevailing competition in the market.

In addition to this, it helps in delivering quality products and maintaining the quality for long. The protection of signs contributes to economic growth of the business market.

How to have the protection of the indications in the market?

The protection of geographical indication under intellectual property and it requires suitable registration. The IP laws vary from one country to another and it is based on certain concepts like protection of the marks, law for protecting the GI or the designation of origin, law to deal with unfair activities and the like. Once you get the registration for suitable protection of GI, you can keep away from fraudulent activities and others in the competitive market. Try to know details of exclusive rights that come with intellectual property rights.

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